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Health Screening

(Ministry of Health, Singapore, Laboratory License 13I0005/02/152)

Health screening is important to help you in understanding your current health status by identifying pre-existing but silent health problems and risk factors for diseases. With regular health screening, you can better manage and improve your health as well as quality of life.
We are pleased to announce that the Setsco Clinical Laboratory has obtained the MOH license and is now officially in operation. Our health screening packages are tailored to suit the needs of men and women of all ages.
Setsco Clinical Laboratory uses advance instrumentation to enable rapid analysis for same-day result for clinical tests.
Our screening includes:
Blood Cell Screen Tumour Markers
Urinalysis Liver
Diabetes Monitoring Colon
Lipid Panel Prostate
Liver Panel Ovaries
Renal Panel Gastro-Intestinal
Thyroid Function Anaemia Panel
Cardiovascular Screen Bone & Joint Panel
Infection Serology Inflammation Screen
Pregnancy Screen Colorectal Cancer Screen

Why the need for health screening?

Clinical Laboratory Brochure

Our Health Screening Packages