Personal Data Protection Policy

Setsco Services Pte Ltd (SETSCO) will collect personal data (Data) from individuals for its operational needs as it fulfills its role to provide and organise training, examinations, conferences, seminars, workshops and technical forums in Singapore. SETSCO will treat every personal data collected with the highest confidentiality and respect.

Suitable and adequate policies and procedures have been put in place by SETSCO

  • To state the purpose(s) for use of the Data;
  • To protect the interests of the individuals ;
  • To ensure confidentiality of the Data that it has collected from unauthorised access;
  • To keep Data for only as long as it needs to meet its purpose.

SETSCO seeks consent from individuals directly and clearly for the collection, use and disclosure of the Data to render SETSCO’s service that the individual has applied for.

SETSCO may share necessary Data with other Government agencies or non-Government organizations recognised by SETSCO to carry out specific functions in order to

  • Process any applications made by the individual;
  • Meet the requirements of scheme owner;
  • Render an efficient and effective service to the individual, unless the sharing of Data is prohibited by legislation.

SETSCO will ensure that the said Parties satisfy SETSCO’s Data Protection Policy requirements before the release of the necessary Data.

Individuals may contact SETSCO via the or contact SETSCO’s Data Protection Officer

  • To request for amendments to his/ her Data on the basis that the Data collected or maintained by the SETSCO is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • To provide feedback in relation to SETSCO’s Data Protection Policy.

Data Protection Officer
Tel: 68950671 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.00pm)
Fax: 65667718

SETSCO reserves the right to change its data protection policy and the information published about the said policy from time to time. While SETSCO takes reasonable care to ensure that information published about its said policy is up-to-date, SETSCO does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information.