SETSCO Services Pte Ltd
, with more than 30 years of experience, is one of Singapore's largest testing and inspection companies. Based in Singapore with a global clientele network, it serves a wide spectrum of industries such as electronics, biotechnology, aerospace, marine and offshore, oil and petrochemical, engineering and construction. We provide specialized services in the fields of mechanical, chemical, biological, civil engineering and non-destructive testing. We also offer a comprehensive range of calibration and measurement services to meet the present and diversified needs of the industries.

Staff Strength: 611 as at 30.11.11

SETSCO is committed to technological advancement through prudent investment in cutting-edge technology and collaboration with established institutions in providing industry-relevant services, quality training and development. Built on a vision of sustaining technological progress and strong customer relations, SETSCO is well poised in the pursuit of business excellence. With the conferment of the People Developer Standard Award and the membership to the prestigious Singapore Quality Class (SQC), we are committed to building a long-standing mutually-rewarding relationship with our business partners.

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