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Ready-Mixed Concrete (RMC)

The Ready-mixed concrete (RMC) Certification scheme is applicable to all RMC plants (i.e. plants may be located on the construction site or off-site) supplying ready-mixed concrete for structural use, including those used in casting of precast structural elements manufactured locally and overseas.

The Building Construction Authority (BCA) who is also the RMC Certification scheme owner, had mandated that concrete manufacturers are to be certified by a third-party product certification body for the RMC Certification Scheme. This is to ensure consistent delivery of concrete quality especially in civil engineering and structural applications. All plants under the RMC Certification scheme shall therefore be certified for conformity to SS EN 206 : 2014, SS 544-1 : 2014, SS 544-2 : 2014 and CT 06 : 2015.

SETSCO Certification Body is an accredited Certification Body by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) for RMC Certification scheme providing insights, experiences and value-added services to clients.

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