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Green Label Testing

SETSCO is recognised by Singapore Environment Council (SEC) for Green Label Testing. Our advance instrumentation and well-trained, experienced staff is able to test a wide variety of products according to SEC requirement standards.

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Our scope of testing for products under the Singapore Green Label Scheme (SGLS) according to SEC Requirement Standards

Building Materials
-​Category 023 - Bricks
-Category 024 - Tile & Ceramics
-Category 040 - Adhesives and Sealants

Cleaning Products
Category 036 - Industrial & Institutional Cleaners
-Category 066 - Surface Cleaners

General Products
Category 035- Wood Products & Recycled-Renewable Fibers
-Category 043 - Metal/Plastic/Glass made from at least 50% recycled content
-Category 046 - Environmental Innovative Product

Interior Products
Category 032 - Paints and Surface Coatings
-Category 039 - Carpets
-Category 041 - Panel Board
-Category 042 - Surface Covering
-Category 048 - Insulators
-Category 051 - Textiles
-Category 064 - Flooring

Office Supplies, Equipment & Furniture
-Category 001 - Paper

RoHS & REACH Compliance Testing

Our capability includes a wide range of “green tests” on electrical & electronic products components to meet European Union Regluations and “Green Procurement” requirements.

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