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Myanmar & Australian Delegates & SPRING Singapore Visit To SETSCO

24 April 2015

Mr. Sze Thiam Siong, General Manager of Setsco (Top Row, Second from Right), Mr. Zaidee Bakee, Assistant Divisional Director of Setsco’s Corporate & Development Technology Division (Top Row, First From Right), Mr. Yusoof Aynuddin, Divisional Director of Setsco’s Mechanical & Technology Division (Top Row, Second from Left) taking a commemorative photo with the 12 delegates.

Over the years, Setsco has been involved in various technical committees and groups with SPRING Singapore as well as other regulatory bodies, through its contribution towards the review of local standards and codes. Setsco views the importance of promoting proper testing standards as a means to enhance product quality and safety.

On 24th April 2015, Setsco had the privilege of hosting a group of 12, consisting of Myanmar delegates from the Myanmar Scientific and Technological Research Department (MSTRD), Republic of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Myanmar Engineer Society (MES), Yangon University of Economics, as well as representatives from Standards Australia and SPRING Singapore and its standard partners.

The primary intention of this visit is to provide to the delegates better understanding and to know the importance and relevancy of standards in assuring consistency and quality in every testing and calibration.

In the course of this visit, Setsco provided the opportunity to witness testing and calibration processes through a personalized guided tour of Setsco’s laboratories. Through this visitation, it is hoped that more can be shared about current industry standards and how it can assist in strengthening a company’s competitive edge. Civil Engineering and Mechanical Testings and Calibration & Measurement laboratories were identified by SPRING Singapore to be the appropriate areas of interest for the delegates.

The session started off with a short introduction from the representatives of the delegates, namely Dr. Tun Aung, Pro-Rector of Yangon University of Economics and Mr Edwin Fong, Head Standards Development of SPRING Singapore. Mr Sze Thiam Siong, General Manager of Setsco went on to say a few words to warmly welcome the delegates and gave insightful and informative commentaries on how standards can help sharpen an organization’s competitive edge and how Setsco’s present accreditations can facilitate trade and commerce and provide greater assurance to testing and calibration done.

Mr Zaidee Bakee, Assistant Divisional Director of Setsco’s Corporate Development & Technology Division followed on with a brief introduction of the various services that Setsco offers as well as its corporate structure. According to him, Setsco has grown from a mere 30 to 700 employees presently, which is a huge achievement for the company. Capabilities and future development plans of Setsco were also discussed and instructive commentaries were exchanged between the various parties.

The entourage then proceeded for the laboratory tour and had a first-hand experience on how products and materials testing and equipment calibration were conducted and gained a better understanding of how these product compliances can aid in achieving product quality for the customers. The visitors showed strong interests and posed numerous questions to our staffs before heading back to the conference room for the group photo. Judging from the feedback received from some of the delegates, the visit has definitely given them a larger perspective on testing and calibration and a deeper appreciation on its importance.