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Spread A Smile Campaign

Do you know that it takes 50 muscles to frown but just 13 muscles to smile? Thus, ideally speaking, it will be relatively easier for one to smile than to frown. But then, why are there more people frowning than smiling? Imagine a workplace where staffs smile naturally (not forced or weirdish smile)… will it create a far better and positive working environment?

That is exactly the intent of the CSR Committee when organizing the “Spread A Smile” campaign in Setsco from the 1st till 16th October this year in the hope of improving workplace atmosphere and to spread joy and happiness. The first Friday in October is also the “World Smile Day” as declared by Mr. Harvey Ball, the creator of smiley face.

During the 2- week period, all staffs were encouraged to wear the company-issued badges on their clothes or uniforms while working. These button badges sported catchphrases such as, “First Step to Courtesy is to Smile”, “You have a Cute Smile, SMILE MORE!”, “SMILE Always, Be Courteous”. It was a message that encouraged staff to put behind their worries and heartaches, and take each day as an opportunity to be joyful and spread happiness around.

The “Spread A Smile” campaign was organized to put further emphasis on Setsco’s core value of providing professional services and excellent customer service. The first step to providing good customer service comes from within each staff and thus encouraging staff to smile more and be courteous to others will promote better customer service. What better way to uphold this policy than by reminding our staff that a smile has the power to change first impressions, enhance business and build better and closer relationships.

The campaign has brought positive results as the committee received encouraging feedbacks from staffs and thus the true objective and aim of the campaign of “spreading smiles” was achieved. Ms Emma, from the QA Department, was appreciative of such campaign in her work area. She said: “Through this campaign, I feel more comfortable in the workplace environment as people were more receptive to smiling to one another and it was much easier to approach.

Looking at the benefits gained, Setsco’s CSR Committee intends to organise the “Spread A Smile” campaign every year in the hope to create conducive and positive work environment, bringing staffs together and extending excellent customer service to our customers.