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SETSCO is Singapore’s First Inspection Body for Central Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS)

Setsco is proud to be the first in Singapore to be conferred a new accreditation by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) under the Accreditation Scheme for Inspection Body for Central Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS) on 11 October 2011.

Under the Private Security Industry (CAMS Operator) Regulation introduced by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in April 2009, the new regulation require all service provider of intruder alarm systems linked to CAMS to be inspected in compliance with the SS 558: 2010 Code of Practice for Consturction, Installation, Operation and Maintenace of Intruder Alarm Systems (formerly known as CP59).

With the new regulation, SPF hopes to minimize false alarms from intruder alert systems linked to CAMS as these incidences would take up valuable resources which could be used to undertake genuine emergencies. Having the SS558 standard would minimize false alarm occurrence due to improper installation, lapses in maintenance or system errors.

Setsco is proud to be the first inspection body in Singapore and in support of SPF to ensure to the competency of CAMS operators and ensure the quality and reliability of the installation, maintenance of the intruder alarm systems.

Once again, Setsco continually strives to be the forerunner in supporting the industry and government agencies with reliable and competent testing, inspection and certification services.