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CSR in Action for Discarded Pets

This year, in line with our CSR policy of reaching out to the less fortunate, we have, for the first time, organized a voluntary work at the Animal Lovers’ League located in Pasir Ris, a shelter for discarded pets; namely dogs and cats and donated a total of S$450 collected from the generous staff of Setsco to fund the cost of keeping the loving homes of these animals up and running. The CSR committee feels that such humanitarian effort put forth by 42 steely-willed volunteers has provided another new dimension to our existing and commendable CSR portfolio which mainly presently focuses on people.

Held on 27th August 2016, the volunteers toiled and soiled as they cleaned through the grimy cages and floorings. The dogs and cats were allowed to roam around freely within the confines of the fenced area while our volunteers scrubbed and washed off the faeces. Those who were not used to having dogs up close and personal were seen trying to run and took cover from them while others simply stroked them and played along.

Other works that were tasked for us to do includes cleaning and disinfecting of shelter grounds, raking the leaves, removing clinging vines off the fences, scrubbing the kennels and deep cleaning the cattery so that the “occupants” have a clean and comfortable environment to live in.

We were impressed by the gritty spirit of our volunteers in completing their grueling tasks well despite the “unfriendly” conditions. Words cannot describe the personal satisfaction one derives from such contribution, though small in comparison, but definitely a huge impact on the lives of these disadvantaged animals. Such deep satisfaction speaks volume as we concluded our voluntary works for the day and from the smiling and contented faces of our volunteers.