Types of materials covered
- Concrete and concrete making materials
- Architectural finishes
- Protective finishes
- Materials for walls, floors and roofs

Performance evaluation
- Evaluate suitability of materials for intended use

Failure Analysis
- Analyse cause of failure or non performance of materials such as cracking, staining, discoloration etc.

Durability assessment and design
- Assess the long term performance of the materials under the prevailing exposure condition
- Includes accelerated weathering
and predicting future behavior.

Process and application appraisal
- Procedure to use or install the selected materials
- Methods to protect the materials from undue failure
- Enhance product life and performance from production to application

Independent Materials Consultancy
Design stage
- review of materials and installation specification
- advice on appropriate performance requirement
- quality control
- assess drawings and detailing

During construction
- review materials proposed by contractor
- evaluate works or construction methods proposed by contractor
- quality inspection

Post construction
- hand-over inspection
- advise on defects and rectification methods

Range of Materials Covered:

Concrete Aggregates Repair materials
Minerral additives: slag, fly ash, silica fumes Organic additives: plasticiser, Cement: OPC, SRC, PBFC
Bonding aids Epoxy Precast concrete components
Masonry units Waterproofing systems Ceramic tiles
Roofing tiles Glass Timber
Paint/coating Sealant Membranes
Plaster/skim coat Screed Grout
Anchors Aluminium Cladding Sealer
Building stones: granite, marbles, slate, sandstone, agglomerates Tile adhesive Floor Hardener

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