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Electrical Testing

The Electrical & Electronics testing laboratory was set up in 2010 to provide unrivalled testing of electrical & electronic products to ensure its safe and reliable use. Testing enables early detection of design faults that may lead to unproductive operational disruption and losses. Pre- Certification testing enhances product credibility and helps to reduce turnaround time in getting product certified.

Authority Recognition

  • SPRING Consumer Product Safety Authority approved laboratory for 10 categories of controlled goods (e.g. Ceiling fans, iron, kettle, water heater, etc)
  • PUB WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) for washing machine
  • NEA energy label for dryer

Field of Services

  • General Testing for Quality and Pre -certification
  • Lighting / Home Appliance / IT Products / Transformer Testing, etc
  • Product Listing and Batch Testing
  • Facilitation of International Certification and Application
  • Consultation services for the application and certification of Electrical & Electronic Products for Consumer Product Scheme by SPRING Singapore