Environmental Policy

SETSCO Services Pte Ltd (SETSCO) is committed to sustainable growth, based on our principles of integrity, quality, safety, and social and environmental responsibility. SETSCO strives to conduct its business activities in an environmentally sound manner and has established policies, programmes and practices to reduce risks posed to the environment and the organisation.

The Management and Staff of SETSCO are committed to the effective implementation of the established environmental management system and will:

  • Comply with and fulfil all applicable environmental legislation and sustainability commitments expected of a responsible corporate citizen respectively.
  • Develop and maintain environmental management programmes with objectives and targets to minimize adverse environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Implement effective pollution prevention and waste minimization programmes to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials, supporting a circular economy.
  • Ensure that energy and water are used efficiently, responsibly and conserved through innovative, resource-saving practices and procedures.
  • Continually improve its environmental performance and reduce its impact by taking into account the commitment of suppliers, current best practices, technological advances, customer and community needs, while educating and training employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner.

Mr. Chung Tying Chun
Chief Executive Officer
SETSCO Services Pte Ltd

Date: 24th April 2023