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Preventive Maintenance

A well planned maintenance programme make the difference between an effective preventive measure and costly corrective repairs. It also minimizes the unexpected breakdown of machines and plants, thereby eliminating uncertainties in the product process and prolonging equipment life span.

Setsco can provide an objective diagnosis on the condition of plants and machines using technology such as infrared thermography, analytical vibration spectrum, acoustic emission and strain measurement. We can incorporate our assessment plan into any preventive maintenance programme to help improve plant and equipment performance.

Our services include:

  • Infrared thermography
  • Analytical vibration spectrum analysis
  • Acoustic noise measurement and consultancy
  • Stress and strain analysis
  • Radiation measurement and isotope swipe lab test
  • Bollard pull
  • Electro magnetic compatibility (EMC) studies
  • Electrical power quality
  • Energy audit
  • Ultrasonic flow rate measurement
  • Load test
  • Light intensity measurements
  • Preventive maintenance for fumehood
  • Heat stress (environmental and personal heat stress measurement)