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Aerospace NDT & Inspection

Setsco is synonymous with quality inspection and testing. Our facilities can accommodate any aircraft inspection job. We also provide consultancy and training services for NDT and Inspection of Aircraft Components.

Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Testing

Our facility can process with Type I, Method A, C & D, Dry powder developer or non aqua’s method for component size up to 3 meters in major dimension.

Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing

Magneflux: 3 phase FWDC bench unit with 6000A magnetizing current and separate AC aperture coil for demagnetization. Max. Component size: 1250 mm in length and 250 mm diameter.

Eddy Current Testing

High and low frequency inspection for crack detection, Conductivity measurement & non conducting coating thickness on aircraft structures and component.

Ultrasonic Testing

Contact method - Full service ultrasonic testing to detect crack, corrosion on reinforced plastic, aircraft structures & components. honey comp structures and thickness Bond testing – For testing Honey comp structure inter ply delamination and disband.

Radiographic Testing

Lab based – Film radiographic testing using 320 kV x-ray machine for inspection of aircraft material, component, weldments & casting. On site – X- Ray inspection of aircraft structures and component using 200 kV machine.

Infrared Thermography

Passive and Active infrared thermography NDT water ingress and fault location.

Video Boroscope Inspection

Video borescope inspection and remote-visual condition on aircraft engine & fuel tank. Image capturing by video borescope inspections allow permanent archival of the inspection results during the non-destructive inspection.