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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is SETSCO Certification Body (SCB)?

SETSCO Certification Body (SCB) is an independent third party organization specializing in providing services in management system certification on the basis of the requirements of national and international norms and standards. Management system certification demonstrates to the marketplace your ongoing success and sustained growth through continuous improvement including service and value chain transformation by increasing your organization performance, risk management and better meeting stakeholder requirements.

What is the Quality Policy of SCB?

It is the policy of the SETSCO Certification Body to continuously provide professional audits with objectivity and integrity and to constantly uphold compliance to the established standards requirement of the applicant. It is the responsibility of SETSCO Certification Body to ensure that all audits are conducted consistently without undue external influences whatsoever that can undermine the professional ethics of the organization.

What is the Impartiality commitment of SCB?

SETSCO Certification Body management ensures that it is an independent entity focusing management system certification services. SETSCO Certification Body guarantees impartiality in every act of its personnel. All personnel have and are aware of their duties and responsibilities which is an assurance that independence is always maintained and that possible conflict of interest do not arise.

What is the Organizational Structure of SCB?

SETSCO Certification Body consists of the following entities:
- Governing Board
- Certification Committee
- Auditor
- Appeals Committee
- Quality Assurance Department
- Program Manager
- Administration

- Risk Assessment Committee

Who makes certification decision in SCB?

The Program Manager through the Certification Committee shall be responsible for the effective review of the audit report from the audit team and their recommendation for certification before making decision to grant, refuse, expand, reduce, suspend, restore, withdraw or renew the certification. SETSCO Certification Body ensures that its Program Manager as well as its Certification Committee members is free from any commercial, financial and other pressures that can influence the decisions.

What is the certification process of SCB?

SETSCO Certification Body has an established process for certifications that provide as reference to applicants and/or certified organizations. The certification process comprises of initial certification, annual surveillance / assessments and renewal to ensure that the product certification retain its quality or requirements consistently over time. Renewal of the certification will be on every 3rd year of the certification.

What is the Financial Source and Fee Schedule of SCB?

SETSCO Certification Body finances are entirely supported by the fees charged for its services. The updated fee schedule is provided to the accepted applicants and certified organizations. However, SETSCO Certification Body can also be contacted for any fee inquiries by other related organizations.

What are the Rights and Duties of an Applicant?

SETSCO Certification Body applicants and/or certified organizations rights and duties will be in accordance with the terms and conditions imposed and applicant and/or certified organization signed contract agreement during application.

Who is eligible for Certification?

Organizations that are legal entities and have no conflict of interest with SETSCO Certification Body and do not pose a threat of impartiality to SETSCO Certification Body are eligible to apply for certification with SETSCo Certification Body.

Are there any Appeals, Complaints and Disputes Procedures offered by SCB?

SETSCO Certification Body has an established Appeal Committee that does the review and decision for the appeals submitted by the applicant or certified organization. Any appeal, complaints and disputes will be entertained by SETSCO Certification Body provided that it is requested in writing and addressed to the SETSCO Certification Body Secretariat. SETSCO Certification Body can also be contacted for further clarifications of this procedure.