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Building Consultancy

Building Material Consultancy

With natural resources getting increasingly scarce, meeting present demand for economical and yet better performance building materials has become a challenging task. However, with technology, we are able to produce these complex materials to meet the challenges. Setsco adds value to the product chain by offering a wide-ranging accredited material testing in our laboratory and on site. Our consultancy service is able to design suitable testing and/or simulations of your materials as either individual building elements or system to ascertain performance and compatibility and to prevent premature failure.

Building Performance Consultancy

Condition Survey

Our condition survey provides an objective assessment of physical conditions pertaining to structural and architectural aspects of the building. The survey identifies deficiencies and possible maintenance issues to obtain a clear understanding of the current condition of the building elements and facilitate the customer in making an informed decision with respect to maintenance, repair and restoration, purchase, sale, re-financing, potential claims, etc.

Cracking in building

Cracks in building can of structural or aesthetical in nature. The cause of the cracking can be due to one or combinations of; wear and tear, improper installation method, incompatibility of different materials in a system, structural movements, loadings/ impacts, etc. Cracks may compromise the durability and performance of the structures and building elements. Condition survey coupled with desktop study onto the problem areas are able to accurately determine the cause of the cracks and hence achieving effective repair works.

Building defect investigation and diagnosis

Defects on building elements may significantly reduce the value of the building and even lead to huge claim settlements. Defective flooring, building envelope, waterproofing, curtain wall & cladding systems, roof, etc can cause problems from mild seepage to deteriorating structures frames on building elements and hence compromising structural integrity. Repairing defects without proper diagnosis compounds the problems. Setsco believes in thorough investigation for proper diagnosis in resolving various building defects. Since building diagnostics is not an exact science, professional judgment is often required. It is therefore important that this judgment is made only after careful diagnostic process has been properly performed. Otherwise the judgment is as good as a guess. Our methodologies involve observation, testing, simulation test, desktop study and material research to determine the cause of defects and subsequently recommend an effective solution.

Seepage and dampness problems

Water intrusion into your building or building elements can spell trouble. There is no water related problem that is too small to be ignored as it can lead from health to structural integrity problems. Common water intrusions found in buildings are due to:

  • Seepage from building envelope: in basement, from external facades and roofing system
  • Condensation or high humidity issue to building elements causing staining, molds, discoloration of finishes
  • Corrosion of rebars and spalling concrete

Investigation to seepage and dampness problems is aided by thermography technique and verified with moisture meter or laboratory tests on extracted samples.

Investigation to cause of seepage

Fire damaged assessment to structures

Most fire damaged structures can be repaired as cost-effective solution rather than by demolition and reconstruction. Before carrying out any repair it is imperative to determine the extent of damage to the concrete and reinforcement and hence their residual strengths. Setsco provides various on-site and laboratory-based testing and non-destructive or destructive testing to aid in the diagnosis of the reinforced concrete condition.

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Investigation to cause of wide-spread cracks

Investigation to failure of paintwork

Microscopic examination to substandard paint sample

Investigation to dislodged marble cladding

Elemental composition of brick sample

Fire damage assessment to structures

Repair Works Consultancy

Repair solution for building defects requires assessment of the nature and extent of defects and study of the design intent. The proposed repair works can be based on engineering solution or repair material technology. Setsco has the expertise to recommend repair solution based on repair material technology through selection of suitable repair materials

Prior to deciding the suitable repair material, it is important to take into consideration factors such as actual or cover up repair, working condition in performing repair works, duration of repair, compatibility of different materials, post repair maintenance, etc. Suitable repair materials should ideally able to restore the original function or performance of the defective areas.

Assessment to existing structure of historical building

Restoration & Conservation Consultancy

Building restoration is the process of recovering the state of a historic building to represent its particular period in history while protecting its heritage value.

Restoration work is performed to reverse decay, or make alterations to the building because original materials used, though may be a state of the art at the time of construction, may have failed and now need replacement with better functioning but aesthetically similar. For example, analysis of historic external and internal paintworks can now allow a corresponding chemical recipe and color to be re-produced. But often, the original materials are either unstable or in many cases, environmentally unsound. Backed with a wide range of material tests capability, Setsco is able to identify the current material to suit the original function of the historical materials and meet the current environmental requirements.

Radar scanning to RC slab as part of structural assessment to historical building

Identification type and cause of surface stain
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