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Micro-contamination Testing

Micro-Level Detections

Micro-level particulates are usually regards as chemical contamination in products. They can be found in consumables, equipment or incoming materials, they can have a devastating impact on yield in manufacture processes. SETSCO has a dedicated Class 100 cleanroom for cleanliness testing and can provide the following analytical services:

  • Micro-Level Detection in Class 100 cleanroom
  • Ionic contamination by ion chromatography
  • Extractable metallic contamination by ICP
  • Organic contamination by GC-MS and/or FTIR
  • Outgassing test by Static Head Space (SHS) or Dynamic Head Space (DHS)
  • Condensible Volatile Residue (VVR) and Non Volatile Residue (NVR)
  • Liquid Particle count ( LPC) (from ≥0.1um to 200um)
  • Ultra sonic Liquid Particle Count (USLPC)
  • Particulate analysis by microscopic FTIR and/or SEM/EDX

Trace Analysis of High Purity Water and Chemicals

Ultrapure water and chemicals are usually one of the major root causes of the contamination. With better technology, products are getting miniature,purity became a critical concern for companies. SETSCO can provide detailed analysis in accordance with ASTM standard D5127.

  • Chemical Testing
  • Total organic carbon (TOC)
  • Analysis of organics by GC-MSD
  • Total residue
  • Total dissolved and suspended solids (TDS & TSS)
  • Carbonate and bicarbonate
  • Dissolved silica and Bacteria count
  • Trace metals by ICP-MS/GFAAS/ ICP-OES
  • Ions (Cl-,SO42-,NH4+,etc.) by ion chromatography
  • Moisture content of non-aqueous chemicals
  • Particles (from ≥0.1um to 200um)
  • Particle analysis by SEM/EDX

Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC)

Air is a carrier for particulate foreign materials, with the increase pollution around the environment, air quality became a concern to manufacturers. Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) poses a major threat to yield. SETSCO is able to analyse cleanroom air or gas supplies in accordance with SEMI standard F21-95 and BS EN ISO14644. Diagnostic tools include: ICP-OES, TD-GCMS-MS, LPC, SEM-EDX.

  • Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) Tests
  • Molecular Acids & bases, e.g. Fluoride and sulphate, amines etc.
  • Molecular Dopants, eg boron, phosphorus, arsenic etc.
  • Molecular Condensables & Organics
  • Molecular Metals such as metal particle identification

SETSCO is also able to carry out AMC baseline studies and identify AMC effects on wafers through witness wafer analysis.