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Mechanical & Metallurgy Testing

Setsco provides a wide range of metallurgical testing services on metals and alloys to meet industrial needs. Our clients are from aerospace, petrochemical, marine, manufacturing, fabrication and construction industries.

Setsco’s metallurgists are experienced in establishing component / equipment failure due to various causes such as fatigue, tensile overloading, wear, elevated temperature exposure, corrosion and manufacturing defects. Our failure analysis results have been used by clients to prevent further occurrence of such failures.

Range of Metallurgical Services

  • Failure investigation on components & equipment
  • Materials evaluation by metallurgical examination
  • Coating thickness, grain size & ferrite measurements
  • In-situ metallography on components or equipment on site or in the laboratory
  • Corrosion investigation, corrosion prevention advisory services & material selection
  • Macro & Micro Examination
  • Case Depth / Decarburisation Depth Measurement
  • Inclusion Checks
  • Analysis / Coating Measurement for PCB

Mechanical Testing

  • Materials: Metal, Polymer, Timber, Textile
  • Hardness Tests (Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Micro-hardness)
  • Tensile, Bend, Shear, Impact, Compressive & Flexural Strength Test
  • Creep, Fatigue, Wear, Stress Rupture, Tear Slip Strength Test
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  • Mechanical Load Test
  • Endurance Test
  • Compress Air Pressure Test
  • Moisture Content Measurement
  • Mechanical Testing for Welder & Procedure Qualification Test
  • Welder Test (CAAS SAR Chp 6.5 – Appendix 1)
  • Wet & Dry Cyclic Test

Product Performance and Evaluation

  • Pump (Centrifugal, Vertical Multi Stage, etc)
  • Electrical Safety Testing & Functional Type Testing Reliability
  • Fire Protection Equipment (Fire Hydrant, Hose Reel, Landing Valve, Breeching Valve, Fire Extinguisher, Layflat Hose, etc)
  • Scaffold System
  • Manhole Frame & Cover
  • Tap & Mixer
  • Sanitary Ware (WC, bidet seat washer)
  • Pipe & Fitting
  • Furniture
  • Washing Machine
  • Solvent Cement
  • Timber Door
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) - Safety Foootwear, Industrial Safety Helmet
  • Rebars & Wire Mesh
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Structural Steel
  • Design and Custom-made System for Product

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis has been carried out for the following equipment and components:

  • Boilers, Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessels
  • Superheaters & Reheaters
  • Piping & Piping Systems
  • Structural Parts & Fittings
  • Vehicles, Rail Trucks & Aerospace Components
  • Tools & Dies
  • Crane Members
  • Other Miscellaneous Failures
  • Fire Affected Structure