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Certification for Cyber Essentials Mark

The Cyber Essentials mark is a cybersecurity certification for organisations that are embarking on their cybersecurity journey. It is targeted at organisations such as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Some SMEs have limited IT and/or cybersecurity expertise and resources;�the Cyber Essentials mark aims to enable them to prioritise the cybersecurity measures needed to safeguard their systems and operations from common cyber-attacks.

The Cyber Essentials mark also serves to recognise the organisations that have put in place good cyber hygiene measures.

Cyber Essentials for CMS Vendors

This is a sub-scheme of Cyber Essentials, and is applicable to Clinic Management Solution (CMS) vendors under the Ministry of Health CMS tiering framework

For organisation to be certified for Cyber Essentials mark for CMS vendor, the CMS vendor shall meet all the requirements in the Cyber Essentials mark as well as the additional requirements required by MOH.

Why should my organisation apply?

  • Tailored to your organisation’s cybersecurity needs
  • Simplifies cybersecurity by prioritising the measures to focus on first
  • Guides your organisation to implement cyber hygiene measures against common cyber-attacks
  • Provides recognition of your cybersecurity practices

What measures does my organisation need to implement?

Application Process

Certification Duration and Mode of Assessment

The Cyber Essentials certification is valid for a duration of 2 years. The mode of assessment will involve desktop review and verification of the organisation’s self-assessment by an independent assessor from the appointed certification body.

Application Fee and Funding Support

Table 1 – Certification Fees and Funding Support Provided by CSA

The maximum level of funding support from CSA is capped as per Table 1 above, and the actual disbursement will be based on the respective level of funding support indicated and the actual certification fees, whichever is lower.

For more information, please visit the CSA website here.

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