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Factory Production Control (FPC2) - SS EN 1090

SS EN 1090 specifies requirements for conformity assessment of performance characteristics for structural steel and aluminium components as well as for kits placed on the market as construction products. The conformity assessment covers the manufacturing characteristics, and where appropriate the structural design characteristics.

SETSCO Certification Body provides Product Certification for Execution of steel structures and aluminum structures in accordance to SS EN 1090-1 : 2018 and SS EN 1090-2 : 2018. The Factory Production Control system shall cover a single fabrication plant for all related processes, production lines, and/or departments, including outsourced entities.

Factory Production Control shall comply to the requirements of SS EN 1090-1, SS EN 1090-2 and CT 20.

The scheme is a ISO Type 3 certification scheme with the addition of management system auditing.

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