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Volunteering @ SWAMI Home

11 January 2014

With only three weeks away from the Chinese New Year, 7 volunteers unselfishly took part in home cleaning at SWAMI Home to welcome the ‘Spring Festival’. A Chinese tradition, families welcome the New Year with a thorough spring cleaning of their homes to remove dust and clutter, to receive good luck.

The task for the day was simple – cleaning all wards on the entire level. Armed with gloves, rags and pails of water, the volunteers dusted and wiped all corners of the walls, bed frames, side cabinets and the window grills. Jackson, who is standing at 1.88 meters tall, used his advantage to the fullest by cleaning the ceiling fans. The entire cleaning activities took two hours, but seemed much shorter as the volunteers filled the activities with joy and laughter throughout. It was not difficult to tell that the volunteers enjoyed the experience and were happy to be part of this meaningful deed. Their little acts of love also brought new hopes and cheers to the elderly in welcoming the Chinese New Year.

Rajadurai, a senior engineer from NI Department is a regular volunteer and offers his free time to various social groups in his residential area. When asked about his heartfelt words on this experience, he quipped, “We will all grow old one day and may need other’s companionship, support and assistance. Volunteer and help the elderly whenever you can, and give back something to the society. No one is too accomplished to spare some time and compassion to help others.”

Besides this social activity which was held on the 11th January 2014, the CSR committee hopes to see more people coming forward and be encouraged and inspired to do more in their professional and personal capacities, and participate in the other coming and similar initiatives!