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Republic Polytechnic Students Laboratory Visit To Setsco

21 April 2015

All smiles as the Republic Polytechnic students & lecturers took a photo to commemorate the day with Mr. Zaidee Bakee, Assistant Divisional Director of Setsco (Far Right).

Since the official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Republic Polytechnic and Setsco Services on 19th November 2014, both parties have been actively collaborating with one another on various occasions; this visit is definitely one of those.

After being requested by Republic Polytechnic to conduct a laboratory visit for their students, Setsco readily accepted the request as it would be a great opportunity for the students to gain a better understanding of how a commercial laboratory works. A total of 60 students from the School of Applied Science, along with 4 of the school's lecturers participated in the visit at Setsco and were all ready for an eye-opening experience. The purpose of the visit was to enable the students to get hands-on experience using cutting-edge industry equipments and instrumentation and to gain first-hand view of laboratories in an industry-wide scale. Specially selected laboratories namely Advanced Non-Destructive Testing, Mechanical & Metallurgical Testing as well as Polymer Testing laboratories were prepared for the visit and proved to be appealing to the enquiring minds of the students.

During the laboratory tour, the students sounded eager and inquisitive and were excited to learn while taking the opportunity to have a feel of some of the testing equipment used. The exchanges between the students and Setsco staff were encouraging and engaging.

Through this visit, Setsco hopes that it has managed to heighten the interest of the students and encourage more aspiring graduates to come forward and join the industry.

Setsco would like to take this opportunity to thank Republic Polytechnic for involving it to be part of the students’ learning journey. We are glad to be able to share and impart knowledge and insight into the working life of a typical laboratory technician. With the engineering industry in Singapore poised to grow in the next couple of years, joining the internship program in Sestco will give students a good head start to a positive and rewarding career path. We definitely look forward to working alongside and having more collaboration with Republic Polytechnic in the near future!

The students listening attentively as the various Polymer Testings such as UV Weathering Resistance, Adhesion Test & Flash Point Test were explained.

In Setsco’s Mechanical Laboratory, the students watched in anticipation as the Tensile Test was demonstrated to them.

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The students looking on intriguingly as they were enlightened on how the grain structure of every metal pieces can be determined.

Various Advanced Non-Destructive equipments, i.e. Phased Array Ultrasonic System & Positive Material Identification (PMI) & Eddy Current Testing were displayed for hands-on demonstration.