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Mask Testing

As part of efforts to help combat COVID-19 and with the support of Enterprise Singapore (ESG), homegrown TIC company SETSCO has built a full suite of equipment for surgical mask testing in Singapore to meet international standards. SETSCO is able to provide the following five surgical mask testing services:

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Test

The BFE Test is performed on filtration materials and devices such as face masks and air filters that are designed to provide protection against biological aerosols. The test determines the filtration efficiency by comparing the bacterial control counts to test sample counts. This test is required by ASTM F2100 and EN14683, and complies with ASTM F2101 and EN14683.

Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) Test

The PFE Test evaluates the non-viable particle retention or filtration efficiency of filter media and other filtration devices at sub-micron levels. Also referred to as the Latex Particle Challenge. This test is required for ASTM F2100 and is performed according to ASTM F2100 and follows the basic principle of ASTM F2299.

Synthetic Blood Penetration Test

The Synthetic Blood Penetration determines a mask’s ability to act as a barrier to blood-borne pathogens. It directs a fixed volume of synthetic blood at high velocity at the centre of the mask. This test is required by ASTM F2100 and is tested in compliance with ASTM F1862 and ASTM F2100.

Differential Pressure Test (Air Permeability)

The Differential Pressure Test measures how easily air is passed from one side of the mask to the other side. It is indicated by Delta P and determines how easily a wearer can breathe through the mask. A higher differential pressure reading indicates that air is more difficult to push through.

Flammability Test

The Flammability Test evaluates the flammability of medical textiles including face masks, surgical gowns, and drapes. The test method is designed to comply with 16 CFR Part 1610. This test is required by the ASTM F2100 to ensure that all face masks meet the requirements for Class 1 flammability.

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